Seattle’s recognized expert in treatment of Temporomandibular Joint disorders (TMD), headaches, facial pain & sleep apnea


Dr. Jason Pehling DDS, MS

Dr. Jason Pehling and Dr. Jon Martin are located in Seattle, Washington at the TMJ and Orofacial Disorders Center. They are the Northwest’s recognized experts in the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint disorders (TMD), headaches, facial pain, Bruxism or teeth grinding, and dental management of snoring and sleep apnea. The TMJ is the joint that sits in front of the ears that allows for the opening and closing of the mouth. Dr. Pehling completed a Residency and Fellowship. He is trained in the use of a multidisciplinary treatment program which includes:

Dr. Jon Martin

Dr. Martin has worked alongside Dr. Pehling since 2009. As a certified practitioner of IV sedation, Dr. Martin initially provided sedation services in Dr. Pehling’s office for surgical procedures. Dr. Martin has since continued his education in temporomandibular disorders and sleep dentistry treatment, and is now a partner with Dr. Pehling in providing care for patients with a variety of jaw joint, orofacial pain and sleep disorders.

Residency & Fellowship Trained in Multidisciplinary Treatment Programs

  • Physical Medicine and Orthopedic jaw manipulation
  • Oral Appliance Therapy
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea Management


  • Pharmacology
  • Therapeutic injections including Botox
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures  including Ultrathin TMJ Arthroscopy