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01. Education

Dr. Pehling after dental school completed a residency in TMJ and Orofacial Pain Disorders and a Post-doctoral Pain Fellowship 


02. Experience

Dr. Pehling has treated over 5000 patients during his 20 years in specialized clinical practice and is certified by the American Board of Craniofacial Pain and the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine.

03. Expert Multi-disciplinary Care

Dr. Pehling uniquely combines his knowledge and experience in the fields of Dentistry, Neuroscience,  Orthopedics and Craniofacial Development, Oral Surgery, Physical Medicine, and Cranial Osteopathy to provide a specialized treatment program for you. 


Professional Services

TMJ Disorders

The Temporomandibular joints are the most important joints in the body.  Its’ important functions include chewing, biting, talking, singing and kissing. Similar to other joints in your body it is composed of bones, ligaments, disks, cartilage, joint fluid, nerves and blood vessels.  Damage to any of these structures can result in pain or dysfunction.

Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a common problem, which affects 60% of men and 40% of women over the age of 40. The sound of snoring in some people has been measured at 90 decibels – a loudness that would require earplugs in the industrial workplace. This has affected the quality of sleep of many a bed partner causing them to seek refuge in a separate room. Benign snoring is non-obstructive, and is in most cases, the uvula fluttering in response to rapid airflow, like a flag flapping in a stiff wind.

Facial Head Pain

Headaches are the number one health complaint in America as 90% of the population will have a headache this year and 50 million Americans suffer from chronic daily headaches. There are many causes of headaches; therefore it is imperative you have a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified healthcare provider for your headache, especially if it is a first headache or a different type of headache than you have had previously.

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