Craniofacial Cone Beam CT

For the convenience of our patients, our clinic has the only specialized lay-down craniofacial CT in the Northwest. It is designed to provide 3D imaging of your jaw, teeth and craniofacial structures while minimizing x-ray exposure. The exposure is less than a typical full mouth series of dental radiographs done at your dentist office. A hospital head CT would typically have 10 times the x-ray exposure than the NewTom Craniofacial CT.

The NewTom also uses Smart Beam technology to dynamically adjust the exposure during the scan which can reduce the exposure to smaller individuals by 40% compared to other cone beam CT machines. Dr. Pehling is then able to review your imaging studies the same day as your initial consultation and the in-house imaging ensures the quality of your diagnostic image.

Diagram – Craniofacial Cone Beam CT
Diagram – Craniofacial Cone Beam Image