Trigeminal Deafferentation Pain

Are most commonly the effect of direct trauma or surgical procedures, which disrupt the trigeminal nerve. Dental extractions are the most common cause but it has also been seen with local anesthetic injections, root canals and routine dental fillings. The pain is felt as a constant aching to burning pain, which can be accompanied by numbness, tingling and hypersensitivity around the affected area.

Unlike Trigeminal Neuralgia there is no noticeable trigger for the pain. This disorder can be classified as either Traumatic Neuralgia of Atypical Odontalgia. Anesthesia Dolorosa is an area of anesthesia with intractable pain, which usually is the result of damage to the nerve following a surgical procedure. Treatment can involve medications to stabilize the nerve and therapeutic injections. If a neuroma is present than surgical considerations are given.